Subject:Cardassian Response

* The screen briefly flashes the insignia of the Cardassian Union, and then the face of a Cardassian officer appears.  His expression is stern, but triumphant and arrogant.  His dark eyes stare directly at the camera. *

I am Legate Katur of New Cardassia.  Too long have the Cardassian people suffered at the hands of the races of the Federation.  Today we struck a glorious blow against Starfleet and the Federation, payback for their disregard of our sovreignity.  The Cardassian Union claims the region of space formerly known as the "demilitarized zone", and the Bajoran system, as our territory.  Any Federation vessels entering our territory will be met with the full fury of the Madrasad.  There will be /no/ escape.  We have also nearly completed the process of cleansing our newly acquired territory of the Terrans which formerly infested them, and the Bajorans have been returned to their rightful place -- the uridium mines.

To the Federation: We are not interested in peace on your terms.  If you wish to save your precious starships, you will not violate our territory again.  Disregard this warning, and you will bring only your own destruction.

* The Cardassian pauses for a moment, glaring angerly at the screen, then ends the transmission. *