Subject:Presidential Press Conference

* The screen slowly fades from the GE logo to that of the Seal of the United Federation of Planets.  After a moment, the shot changes to that of a tall, aged Terran.  His stern expression marks him as someone of power, to say the least.  To his right stands a Bolian, whose expression is not all that different. *

"Greetings from the United Federation of Planets.  As you all know, my name is Nathaniel Rothman.  I am the President of the Federation, and as such, I have sworn to protect the lives and rights of every citizen in our sovereign space.  
"It is because of this that I must make this grave statement.  At 08:00 hours today, the Federation Council held an emergency session at which time they voted to declare war on the Cardassian Union.  I fully support their decision.  The Cardassians defiled our treaty by attacking the neutral Terran colony at Argaia.  And from that time on they have repeatedly ignored our calls for peace and continue to violate our space and harass our fleets.
"To the Cardassian Union I send this message:  We are tired of being abused.  Many Starfleet officers and crewmen have lost their lives in this foolish conflict because you feel the need to 'reclaim' the Demilitarized Zone, while it wants nothing to do with you.  Well, this is a conflict no more.  You have waged war on us, now we shall return the favor.  Your fleets will soon see the full power of the Federation fleet, and for this reason you will be in my prayers.

* Rothman takes a moment to clear his throat. *

"However, we are not a treacherous or unmerciful people.  We have no desire to wipe you off the face of the galaxy, as the Maquis did so long ago.  Our offer of peace still stands, in fact it was never absent.  The Federation was founded on the principle of peaceful coexistence and we continue to operate on that note.  In the meantime, your acts of war will be returned in kind."

* With that the President steps away from the podium, at which time the Bolian to his right steps forward to take his place.  After a moment he inclines his head towards the assembled press. *