Subject:Massacre at Argaia! Cardassian forces turn the tables!


This is Roger McDonald, reporting from near the Cardassian border.   In a dramatic space battle taking place just moments ago between the federation First and Second Tactical Fleets and the Cardassian occupiers of the Argaia system, the remainder of the Federation First Fleet was annihilated, including its flagship the USS Reliant, and the Second Fleet lost nearly half of its forces.  Cardassian forces escaped with relatively few losses, compared to the eleven Federation ships destroyed, losing only two Keldon class ships, both of which were subjected to a heavy barage of torpedo fire from the Second Fleet, and quickly lost hull integrity.

How did the Cardassians perpetrate this change of events which has stunned the entire quadrant?  Analysts are speculating that the Cardassians may have modified their shield generators to funnel energy from incoming phaser fire into the ships' own weapons systems.  This process is apparently not perfected, as numerous Cardassian ships lost their shields for several seconds, and were nearly destroyed when Federation forces took advantage of their plight.  The Cardassians also had the use of the orbital defense platform they had just deployed in orbit of Argaia II, which is equipped with at least five missile launch tubes and multiple disruptor arrays.  The platform suffered extensive damage in the Federation attack, which was initially directed at the platform itself, but Cardassian construction vessels have already commenced repairs.   Additionally, the remainder of the Koranak battle group of missile frigates arrived shortly after the Federation forces engaged and provided artillery fire from outside the Argaia system.  They were unchallenged by Federation forces.

The Cardassians are apparently very serious about their claim on what used to be the demilitarized zone.  This isn't over folks.  Far from it.   This is Roger McDonald for GNN update.