Subject:Hellesport Statement

* The image of a self-assured terran woman with shoulder-length black hair and stormy green eyes seated behind a desk flickers onto the screen, the Hellesport logo shimmering in the corner, a golden H with a ring around the center. Governor Clover Fernchild inclines her head toward the camera, and steeples her fingers on the desk, before speaking in a confident voice. *

This transmission is simply to inform the warring parties of our galaxy that Hellesport station continues to remain neutral during this time of conflict and strife in our quadrant. We remain a peaceful place, an oasis if you will in a time of battle, and will grant asylum to those from any empire who wish it.

We have repaired all vital systems damaged in the Dominion raid thanks to outside assistance, and are currently at peace with the Dominion. We hold no bias toward any people in this galaxy, even those who may hold bias against us. You are all welcome to reside at Hellesport for a time, to escape from the war, whenever you wish. Thank you, and goodwill to you all.

* As the Governor turns away from the screen, the image vanishes, only to be replaced by the GNN logo. 'We will return after these few messages,' announces a voice, and a commercial for Godlike Services follows. *