Subject:Transmission from Klingon Space.

      The boiling, reddened surface of Qo'noS blinks into view, this image followed by the ominous visage of the Klingon capital and then the chambers of the High Council itself. Darkly lit a massive table sits beneath glowing red lamps as stadium seating filled with an uncountable number of Imperial citizens rise on all sides. Seated along the table is a number of robed Klingons sporting aged features. The Council chamber is a lit by the roar of conversation by those seated in the galleries. Panning downwards, sharply, onto the table a single figure rises and grips one of a number of silvery objects that seem to sit before each person. Raising it slightly he brings it down before him, the loud clang and the brief shower of sparks from its place of impact is the last thing to be heard for several moments as all grows deadly silent.
      The camera focuses upon this being, adorned with robes, and littered with naval metals his stern eyes and fiercely worn face leer forward, "Citizens of the Klingon Empire." He speaks in a grandiose voice, "This is indeed a great day for us all, hours ago this very council declared war upon our onetime allies the Dominion. Guilty of stealing our territory and exploiting our people this body could no longer allow such a grave dishonor to be portrayed before the Galaxy." The Klingon's lip curls slightly, "An attack was made to coincide with our formal declaration. Two fleets of our finest warriors plunged deep into the heart of what the shapeshifters claimed to be 'sovereign space', piercing our enemy's dark heart our honorable forces purged our space of the disgrace which had festered for to long a time." His voice grows in strength, "Let the galaxy bear witness, and heed our warning, that we will allow no creature to claim us as their own and any who should defile our honor will be delt with, swiftly as the Code of Honor Dictates."
      With that the galleries break into a roar of agreement, a roar which is quickly stifled by another tremendous pounding of the Klingon gavel. As silence falls the figure continues, seeming to now address the camera rather than the people, "Let the Galaxy know that the Tyranus is now and always has been sovereign territory of the Klingon Empire and that any further incursions there, or anywhere in our space will be met with swift retaliation from our forces. We are, once again, a whole." The screen goes black.