From:Cardassian Union
Subject:New Cardassia

The Galactic News Network announces that a priority message is being sent to it, with a request of immediate air time. A quiet chime follows, and the screen fades to black, to commence the transmission.

As the fade-out ends, red light floods the screen, and soon an image of a Cardassian military officer sitting in a bridge of a Galor-class vessel can be seen. Around him, other officers are carrying their duty with the discipline and order that Madrasad - the navy of the Union - is famous for. The officer in front of the screen, looking directly at the camera, is a fairly young man, and a visible product of the military age of Cardassia. His stern and sarcastic appearance is offset only with the rigid posture and the dark military uniform that he seems to bear with extreme pride. No smile adorns his face most of the time, and when it does, it bears nothing more than a very cynical self-amusement.

"I am Gul Selvat, of New Cardassia. As of last week, the homeworld of Cardassia Prime has been re-terraformed. All settlements were re-established, and all habitation complexes reclaimed. The government of Cardassian Union has moved back into its homeworld, and the symbol of the Union once again presides over our space. Let it be known to the galaxy that Cardassia is back. No longer will we be remembered in the history books of other races. No longer will we be scorned upon by our enemies. No longer will we be forgotten. We are back, and so are the scores to be settled."

Pausing, the tall Cardassian looks into the screen with his icy stare... the quality of those glassine, blue eyes burning with knowledge that they, the Cardassians, have so much to prove. Taking a deep breath, almost against his will, it seems, he continues in the stern voice, that bears little flair in it.

"Today, the forces of Madrasad have claimed the Bajoran system. After a necessary offensive against the aggressive Bajoran terrorists, the Union has pacified this part of space again. The Bajoran system is once more in the rightful hands of Cardassia. Peace prevails again. Peace that is denied to us by the Federation, despite our current struggles and strong desires to re-establish our identity.

"The Cardassian Union is back. I call upon Cardassians everywhere to return to their home, and to re-take their positions. I call upon them to make the raise of Cardassia complete. And to the Federation, I have this message. Today, you forge our relations for tomorrow. If you wish war, mistrust and hostility to be the guiding principles for our relations in future, so be it. The Union will not back down, if aggression is provoked. We have lost much, and have nothing more to loose. Our pride cannot be destroyed. Stand down, or prepare for years of hostility."

Without another pause, which would evidently cut into the efficiency of the style that Selvat seems to be all about, the Cardassian reaches to an invisible switch just off the camera view, and presses it. With that, the screen goes black, and the transmission ends.