Subject:Dominion double-crossed! Bajoran sector seized by Cardassians, Tyranus system by Klingons


Good evening.  This is Roger McDonald, reporting from GNN Headquarters.  Just hours ago, in a move that shocked the galaxy, the Klingons declared war on the Dominion, and proceeded to move two battle fleets into the Tyranus system, destroying the Dominion starbase Stronghold, and the Dominion facilities on the planet Tyranus III.   In the course of the fiece battle, one Dominion fleet and two Klingon fleets were completely destroyed.   The Dominion has departed the Tyranus system, and was sighted approaching Hellesport station, which recently was a target of Dominion aggression and is now believed to be in the hands of the Jem'Hadar.

How was this daring raid by the Klingons possible?  An hour prior to the Klingon assault, a massive Cardassian battle group warped into Alpha 192C, overwhelming Dominion and Bajoran forces, and seizing starbase Deep Space Nine.  Dominion reinforcements were met with weapons fire from their own former station, and the Cardassians quickly forced their withdrawl.   The Cardassians also fired two silithium-laced torpedos into the wormhole to the Gamma quadrant, collapsing it and preventing any further Dominion reinforcements from the other side.

What lies in store for the Bajorans now that the Cardassians are once again their overlords?  What lies in store for the Dominion now that their footholds in this side of the galaxy have been crushed?   Only time will tell...