Subject:Federation-Cardassian war: Day 13


Good afternoon, GNN viewers, this is Roger McDonald, famed investigative reporter and certified headache to the Dominion, reporting from Federation space near the Cardassian border.   Federation forces have eliminated the Cardassian resistance in this area, and pressed into the disputed region.  They now control the hotly contested Argaia system.   Cardassian forces put up little resistance to the Starfleet advance, and most Starfleet losses were due to the large fields of cloaked mines left in the area.   At last report, several Federation vessels were performing anti-proton scans to locate any remaining mines, and destroying them.

Though the battlefields are quiet for the moment, there are many unanswered questions...  Why did the Cardassians, who put up such a strong fight during the first Starfleet advance, fall so quickly this time?   And where did they get the technology to cloak their minefields?  Furthermore, how did they manage to rebuild such a large fleet so soon after its demise at the hands of the Breen and Maquis?   Is there another player in this game of galactic chess?   GNN investigates.  Tune in tomorrow for my exclusive report.