Subject:Starfleet task force advances into neutral zone, routs Cardassian forces


This is Erwin Meyers, reporting from Federation space near the Cardassian border.  Two standard hours ago, a Federation task force led by the USS Intrepid and USS Reliant, consisting of twenty-five of Starfleet's finest ships, opened fire on Cardassian positions near the Argaia system in response to a series of missiles fired into Federation space.  The battle raged on fiecely, with reinforcements from both sides joining the fight midway.  Twenty minutes ago, Cardassian lines broke, and the ships that had not been already disabled or destroyed fell back from the Federation border, taking refuge in the Argaia system.

* The scene cuts to prerecorded footage of the battle.  You see two Intrepid class ships firing in unison on a Cardassian ship with their phasers.   The shots slice through the shields and cut the ship in two.  Moments later, three Galor-class ships fire their powerful phasers at one of the Intrepid-class ships, destroying its port nacelle.  The camera cuts to show two Defiant-class ships making a pass at a group of battered but unbeaten Cardassian Hideki-class ships, making easy work of them with their powerful phaser cannons.  One of the Defiant-class ships, the Sao Paulo, slams headon into the flying debris, and takes serious damage.  In the corner of the screen, you see an Excelsior-class ship, mortally wounded, launching escape pods. *

As you can see from this footage, ladies and gentlemen, the battle was bloody, and losses on both sides were severe.  As far as we can presently see, at least 8 Starfleet and 15 Cardassian vessels were destroyed, many losing all hands.  The remaining Federation fleet is battered, and slowly regrouping to perform what field repairs it can.  The remaining Cardassian ships are dead in space, and the status of their crews is unknown.

GNN will keep you updated as this story develops.