Subject:UFP-CU Conflict update


Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is famed investigative reporter Roger McDonald.

Reports from near the border of Federation and Cardassian space are indicating that a large number of vessels previously guarding the border have left their posts, on a course taking them deep into Cardassian space.  There has still been no response from Federation forces.  Even the Argaia force has departed -- our sources tell us that the system is now barren.  The current count of Cardassian vessels along the Federation border stands at fourty, down from sixty-two twelve hours ago.

So the question is, where are these vessels going?  Has a Federation force secretly penetrated deep into Cardassian space, and are they attacking a strategic target there?  Or is Cardassia secretly mounting an invasion force destined for Federation Space?   Stay tuned to GNN for continuing coverage.