From:Solana Del
Subject:Independent Commentary

A female Betazoid reporter faces the screen, as a chime of GNN plays its unmistakable melody. "Greetings, viewers of Galactic News Network. I am Solana Del, an independent reporter with a commentary on today's tragedy.

"As reports from the Binary System in the Romulan-Klingon Neutral Zone horrify us all, questions arise... questions regarding recent events that have transpired in that part of space in the last few weeks. With the raise of new leadership on Hellesport, it appears that all the alies of that station have one by one abbandoned it in the last few weeks. Disagreements, lack of cooperation, and more unexplained reasons have been the cause for it. Like with all the truth, it is most likely somewhere in between... as always.

"But today's attack of Dominion on the station, which was provoked under the false accusation of this network's foul play, was a simple invasion of the force that is feared in this part of space. Furthermore, it came directly one day after the Romulan announcement that their ties with the station are over.

"We all know that the Romulans have had a lengthy war wit the Dominion, a war that ended only two months ago. But in the past, when Hellesport was in need of assistance, the Romulan Star Empire never failed to show their force to help the station. Today, this did not happen. The Romulans were silent. What's more interesting, is the timing of the entire affair. Romulans conveniently withdraw their support from the station, and the station gets invaded. In the opinion of this reporter, there is a secret deal between the Romulan Star Empire and the Dominion. Who will be the next vicitm?

"Coincidentally, the United Federation of Planets is also cooperating with the Dominion now. Their affairs center around the Cardassian Union, but in that part of space, the two governments share common goals, as it would seem. Conspiracy? Not likely. Just a skillful manipulation of someone behind the scenes. Manipulation that we are all, slowly but surely, playing into.

"This is Solana Del with an independent commentary."