Subject:UFP-CU conflict, continuing coverage


Good afternoon. This is GNN field reporter Roger McDonald reporting from Federation space, near the Cardassian border.

*The camera pans away from McDonald, and towards a viewscreen.  You see a large Cardassian warship looming ominously.*

The Cardassian Union has stationed eight Galor class cruisers along its border, and long-range scans indicate what appear to be several Kralen class missile frigates stationed further within Cardassian space.   The Argaia system, where this conflict began, is presently occupied by two additional Galor class ships, and at least three Keldon class ships, though additional ships may be hiding on the other side of the planet, obscured from out view.

Activity on the Federation side of the border has not mirrored this buildup.  Surprisingly, no ships have taken up positions on this side, and there appears to have been little reaction from Starfleet at all.  Federation and Cardassian authorities are both declining to comment at this time on the conflict.