Subject:A message to the Cardassians

The emblem of the Galactic Dominion materializes on the screen, replaced by a somewhat angry-looking Vorta. The idea of an angry-looking Vorta is a little funny, but this one does it rather wall; he wears a black jumpsuit, and is flanked by a pair of armed Jem'Hadar.

"Although many of you do not believe it," the Vorta says softly, but firmly, "The Dominion is committed to the preservation of life. We do not believe in genocide, and, indeed, the Dominion itself is founded on that very principle. Therefore, from the Founders of the Dominion to the Cardassian people, I bear scorn and defiance. We will not permit you to harass the Bajoran people or Deep Space Nine, and we are equally committed to our friends in the Federation. Approach us at the meeting table and we will cooperate. Approach us again in space and you will receive the full and undivided wrath of the Dominion."

The Vorta pauses, and starts to turn away, before adding in a dreadfully low tone: "I can assure you all that there is a greater enemy to be battled, as you will see, soon enough."

The transmission ends.