Subject:Hellesport-RSE Fiasco!

It has been rumored for several days, but only recently has this network come upon proof that the previously favourable and always strong ties and relations between the Hellesport Space Station and the Romulan Star Empire have suddenly collapsed. The exact cause of this is yet unknown, but the Romulans have quickly and quietly withdrawn their military and commercial presence from the station. Without as much as a speech or a note - as it is their way - the Romulan presence on Hellesport station has disappeared.

The prevalent rumor is that the disagreement was caused by one side breaking the treaty between the two organizations... the treaty that goes back to the very foundation of the Hellesport Space Station in the Romulan-Klingon Neutral Zone. In the past, the Romulans have defended the station three times with their military forces, and have also been rumored to be behind the sudden and unexpected halt in the invasion the station by Cardassian forces... some three years ago. In turn, Hellesport has provided the xenophobic Star Empire with an open economic and diplomatic forum. Tal Shiar ties to Hellesport have never been fully proven, but were also considered present.

The Romulans are, of course, unavailable for any comment. With their withdrawal from Hellesport, the only visible vestiges of their fleet are now hidden as well.

GNN Staff