Subject:Federation and Dominion vessels invade Cardassian space in response to Cardassian atrocities!


This is Roger McDonald, reporting from just outside the Cardassian demilitarized zone, where a spectacular battle between Cardassian, Federation, and Dominion forces has just taken place.  In response to the extermination of the inhabitants of the Argaia II colony, the Federation vessel USS Intrepid, and the Dominion vessel DSV Errant Lord crossed the demilitarized zone into the Argaia system, and attempted to seize the three Cardassian vessels in orbit of the planet.  The vessels attempted to flee, prompting the Dominion vessel to establish a target lock, and then all hell broke loose.  A furious volley of torpedos and missiles ensued, and when the dust cleared, the CUGW Tamar had been destroyed, and the other two Cardassian vessels had fled back to Mansor, the Cardassian home system.  The Intrepid pursued into Cardassian space, and was promptly fired upon by the six missile frigates in orbit of Cardassia prime.  After taking several direct hits, the Intrepid, reversed course and departed Cardassian space at high warp.

Ladies and gentlemen, we can only assume at this point that the short peace between the Cardassian Union and the Federation is at an end, and that a state of war now exists.   This is a dark day for the Alpha Quadrant, indeed.

Roger McDonald, reporting from near the formerly demilitarized zone.