Subject:Action in HP space

While returning to Hellesport yesterday to offer our support in any way possible against the Orion Syndicate terrorists, the GDM Resolve encountered and challenged a Syndicate shuttlecraft.  The ship refused to state its business.  It was scanned twice.  It locked weapons and fired on GDM Resolve.  According to standard GDM rules of engagement the Resolve returned the favor with fire from our primary phaser cannon.  The Syndicate vessel was destroyed instantly with the first shot.  Unfortunately visual records of the debris indicate that Captain Seikh of Hellesport was killed aboard that shuttle.
The Galactic Defense Militia would like to offer condolences to the family and friends of this brave officer.  We deeply regret this unfortunate incident.  The Orion Syndicate is urged to immediately open diplomatic lines of contact with the GDM and allied powers lest they be considered implacably hostile to civilized interests.

This is Emerson D. Corman, for the Galactic Defense Militia.