Subject:Breaking News: Cardassian forces allegedly seize colony in demilitarized zone!

Good evening, GNN viewers.  This is Roger McDonald, reporting from the demilitarized zone.  Moments ago, we received a general distress call from the planet Argaia II, reporting a Cardassian attack in progress.

*McDonald pauses for a moment, waiting for the broadcast crew.  Moments later, an audio recording is heard.*

Argaia II: This is the Gilbert James of the colony on Argaia II to anyone who can hear me! They're killing us! They're killing us! There are two Cardassian warships in orbit, and they're bombarding the colony! The Governor's dead! Can anyone hear me? They're killing us!
Argaia II: They've landed troops, and they're storming the city! *Gunfire* *Explosions* Can anyone hear me? We're not going to last much longer! They're coming through the door.. Oh my God! *BOOM* *Crackle* *Hiss*

*The audio ends, and McDonald speaks again*

After this, no further transmissions were received from the colony, and all attempts to raise them have met with silence.  We can only assume the worst: that the Cardassian military has seized this colony, and most likely is in the process of eliminating or enslaving its inhabitants.   Shortly after the distress call from Argaia, our Hellesport bureau picked up the following communications traffic from a Cardassian and a Klingon ship in Binary A27X.

*The audio cuts to subspace traffic previously recorded*

IKS HaQ'naH: Cardassian SWINE! We should strike you down here and now. You have no honor!
CUGW Tamar: This is none of your concern, Klingon. The colonists on Argaia II were harboring Maquis terrorists. The same terrorists who were involved in the murder of billions of Cardassians.
IKS HaQ'naH: It is a shame that the Maquis did not suceed in eliminating every last member of your spineless species. I suggest that you withdraw from this sector before I decide to pick up the task, starting with your ship.

Galactic Network News is sending a vessel to the area to report from the scene, but until it arrives, this is all the information we have.  We will keep our viewers updated as this story breaks.

This is Roger McDonald for GNN, signing off.