Subject:Tholian Special Report

The normal communication broadcasts of the two quadrants are interrupted by a black background whose foreground displays the ominous, bold, white-relief letters 'A SPECIAL REPORT.' Slowly, this scene fades only to present a squat man, bald and aged, behind a broad gray desk. A datapad is in his hands, his dark eyes glancing at its contents before beginning to speak in his sonorous voice. "This is Jeffrey Bobbins, reporting for the Galactic-Enquirer, the only place where you hear the news first. Once more we have a fascinating story to report. Today the Tholian Ambassador, known as Ov'terl, passed onto us a psionic message supposedly from the collective Assembly itself. As you will see, its contents will be alarming to some, and comforting to others. We will now play you the broadcast." Nodding to some stage crew member off screen, a purely audio message is then played.

"People of the Alpha and Beta quadrants, our decision has been made. Your galaxy is deemed worthy of our return. Preparations are beginning immediately for our transfer back into your universe. There is, however, no estimated time of arrival. We will inform you of our return when it occurs. That is all." the recording states, its voice a cold-metallic sound that mimics that of an ancient machine.

Lifting then his head, the anchor continues, "Well, there you have it ladies and gentleman. What exactly cinched this choice of the Tholian Assembly is questionable. Many speculate that it was grandiose service and treatment they were given at Hellesport, others claim that they had always planned to rejoin us and are simply covering up for intelligence tactics, and those in the fewest majority are sputtering about them having made the decision because they've decided to conquer our galaxy. In truth, this reporter will tend to agree with the first assessment, adding that perhaps the recent progress and peace of all the empires within our two quadrants also helped draft the decision. Either way, from the Galactic-Enquirer to the Tholian Assembly, we welcome you home." Smiling the anchor nods his head once more, his right hand setting down the datapad it had been holding, only to allow him to fold both his hands and rest them on his desk with a soft *thud*. A short blurb of music is quickly played thereafter before the screen fades too black, an announcer stating 'This has been a special report from the Galactic-Enquirer, we now return you to your regular communique.', and allowing you to return to whatever it might have been you were doing before the broadcast.