Subject:The Cardassians Return?

Dateline, Mansor.  This is Jennifer Green reporting from Cardassian space for the Galactic Enquirer.  In recent months, we have been hearing increasing numbers of rumors about mysterious activities taking place on Cardassia Prime, which you will recall was decimated three years ago by a Breen-funded Maquis attack which left its atmosphere contaminated with high levels of deadly biotoxins.   Since then, nearly all vegetation and Cardassian life on the planet has died, but now it appears that reconstructive work on the atmosphere and soil is underway, as if what remains of the Union is attempting to reclaim their homeworld.

* The scene changes to video footage of ships, distinctly Cardassian, entering and exiting the atmosphere of Cardassia Prime.   Numerous vessels are also in orbit of the planet. *

Scans of the planet have shown that contaminant levels are down 10000%, and that at the present rate of cleansing, the planet will be ready for re-teraforming in less than three weeks.  It is unknown, however, how the Cardassians obtained the technology and materials to cleanse the atmosphere, much less the large space fleet currently in orbit of the planet.   The Union was thought to be bankrupt and in shambles after the destruction of the homeworld, which had eliminted all but the two billion Cardassians living on the outer colonies and almost the entire Cardassian military force.   All attempts to contact the Union since then have been answered.  We will, however, continue to attempt to get some answers from the new leadership of the Union.   Until then, I'm Jennifer Green for GE.  Good night.