Subject:Current Tholian Situation.

*The GNN logo appears on the the screen, accompanied by the usual theme music and the words 'GNN Special News Update' appearing above the image. This scene is quickly replaced by the Hellesport logo, which minimizes itself into a small box in the corner, the rest of the screen occupied by the image of a stern Andorian reporter in a black suit holding a PADD. He eyes the camera intensly as he speaks.*

Greetings. I am Hadro Kalzian, reporter for the Galactic News Network, bringing you a special report on the current Tholian situation.

*There is a pause as he examines his PADD briefly, before his gaze returns to that of the onlooker's.*

It seems that the Tholian delegation landed on Hellesport earlier today, to be greeted by an enthusiastic group of Hellesport diplomats and officials, as well as several civilian observers. Unforunately, the press was not allowed to attend the arrival ceremonies, but several inside sources have given us information on how the proceedings went on. The Tholians were said to have been given the red carpet treatment, guarded by several security officers. The last the public saw of the Tholian Delegate, said to be named Ov'terl, was the bright entity disappearing into the main turbolift along with newly-assigned Hellesport Governor Clover Fernchild, her Head Diplomat Mango RoseMilk and a Rihannsu Diplomat.

*Reporter Kalzian pauses to catch his breath before going on.*

Governor Clover Fernchild has agreed to release a statement on the current Hellesport situation.

And now, the footage from this statement.

*The news room vanishes, only to be replaced by the image of a 30-something Terran woman with short raven hair seated at a semicircular desk with her hands steepled upon its surface and her face drawn into a stern expression. She wears a tight black suit with a white collar, upon which are pinned her rank pins. This is the current Governor of Hellesport station, known by most as Clover Fernchild, the HP's former Fleet Commander.*

As most of you know, I was just recently promoted to Governor of Hellesport. It came to me as a shock, but not an unwelcome one in the least. To be selected as the new leader of this fine station is a great honor, and I only hope I can live up to the legacy left by the former holders of this rank.

The first task brought onto me as Governor has been to establish relations with the Tholian Assembly, living in seclusion for the past century. I am proud to say that so far the dealings between are two people has been peaceful and enlightening, and I hope that our relationship with these fascinating beings will continue for years to come.

That is all, for now. Updates on the current state of affairs will be given when they happen.

*Back to the news room, Kalzian is looking firm as ever.*

And there you have it; all is going good so far on the Hellesport front. Thank you for watching, and be sure to turn in for the next GNN special update. I'm Hadro Kalzian, signing off.