Subject:GE Post

Can you post this to *ge with the author of Galactic-Enquirer? Thank you. :)

The disturbing words "A SPECIAL REPORT" is suddenly printed in a white bold relief and a black background in every known language upon every medium of communication throughout the two quadrants. Seemingly an emergency message being announced by the Galactic-Enquirer as a service for all empires and their communities.

Looking sternly up from his notes before him is a terran set behind a broad, curving desk with oddly enough mirthful twinkle in his eyes. Raising his right hand to his throat for a moment before clearing it, a sign that he is about to speak, he turns his ominous look into one of skeptical merriment. Parting his lips, he begins by stating, "Today we here at the Galactic-Enquirer were shocked to discover a repeating psionic message emanating from somewhere in space." pausing for a moment he reaffirms his words, "That's right ladies and gentleman, a psionic message, the preferred method of broadcast for our old friends the Tholians. Anyway, before I continue it is better if I actually play the message and let all you folks out there see for yourself what we have discovered." Leaning over then, the man pushes a series of buttons on a datapad set before him -- which in turn interrupts the audio of his image and begins to play the following speech.

"We are the Tholians. For long now we have quietly explored the shadows of other dimensions, other realms and universes which would boggle your minds and entice your curiosities, however, we break our long silence and our remembered departure this day not to discuss these things. Instead, many in our Assembly feel it is time to return home, to claim what was ours, what *is* ours. We will be sending one delegate to the station you have designated as Hellesport. You will prepare. If we deem your current universe worthy of our return we shall repopulate it with our people. If this delegate's impression is instead one of contempt and disapproval for those within the Alpha and Beta Quadrants upon its return, we shall depart never to be heard of again. You have been told, now make the necessary adjustments for our stay. That is all." The voice which speaks is almost mechanical in nature, the computer seemingly having a difficult time translating the psionic message and putting into words for all to hear.

"Well ladies and gentleman." the newscaster comments, "You've heard it first here at the Galactic-Enquirer. The Tholians will be coming back. I wouldn't want to be those people at Hellesport right now -- having to prepare a whole quarters to support a Tholian lifeform must be a pain in the bu... " realizing he's falling off into a mumbling tangent, the man continues suddenly with, "On an interesting note, we have discovered that the coordinates of this psionic message are in fact directly off the port of Hellesport, centered out in space. No visible object appears to be sending the broadcast, however, we assure you that as more information becomes available we will be the first to report it. For now, this is Adam Westmier for the Galactic-Enquirer, signing-off." Nodding his head once, the man signals for the broadcast to be ended, only to leave the screen to fade uneventfully to black.