Subject:The Dominion's Official Confirmation

A message is sent out on all universal frequencies, when activated it presents the honorable emblem of the Dominion only to fade away and display a short Vorta, eyes emerald in color, sitting behind a broad gray desk with a wide and comforting grin. Sighing gaily, for a moment, his shoulders straightening, he then begins to speak -- his voice soothing to the ear like a relaxing whisper or a temperate song.

"Greetings and salutations to the incredibly gentle people of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants..." pausing, the Vorta's eyes focus intently on his audience, his look one of utter understanding and respect.

"I am indeed pleased to confirm, ....segments of the recent Rihannsu broadcast. What the Stelam Empire called a war, the Dominion called -- a series of misunderstandings; and yes, these unfortunate incidents have been finally resolved. I will not dwell on such irrelevant terms as the victor or its counterpart, but I shall mention that with *great* effort the Dominion has secured peace finally within the two quadrants and in the process only furthered its friendly intentions for all fellow empires, you, our newest neighbors. However, it grieves me to hear -- new misinterpretations that would claim the Tyranus system and the space surrounding Stronghold as being in fact not Dominion. We are pleased to know that the Rihannsu will uphold their agreement and acknowledge, even in their confusion, that it *is* Dominion space, but we wish to correct their unfortunate error. I believe it is well known that the great Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, Chancellor M'erc, and the Klingon High Council itself has voted to relinquish the space formerly in dispute. I can quite assuringly comment that it is now indeed Dominion sovereign territory, and as a previous Vorta was so kind to state, we are now encouraging those willing to commence trade with us there.

Furthermore, I feel confident that any future confusion will be avoided now concerning the Tyranus system, and let all know that the Dominion looks forward to a peaceful coexistence with everyone. I deeply thank you all for your gracious attention, and I look forward to taking the time to personally familiarize myself with all your wondrous cultures. Again, thank you, and good day."

Leaning forward, the viewscreen offering a close-up of the Vorta's pleasant, nay handsome, features he gives a final reassuring nod before ending the communications.