Subject:A Message From The Rihannsu Star Empire

The screen dims, as the Galactic Network announces that a foreign burst transmission is coming in. After a momentary pause, an image appears...

                      \                               /
             __         \_______             _______/         __
             \ `----._____.-`   `-----------'   '-._____.----' /
              `._/  /        \_       \       _/        \  \_.'
                  \_  |  |  \  `._ \_____/ _.'  /  |  |  _/
                    \/_  |  | /   `.\   /.'   \ |  |  _\/
                       \/__/_/ /ww\ (` ') /ww\ \_\__\/
                          .--' \__/  \ /  \__/ `--.
                           \/  /`|    |)   |'\  \/
                             \/_/  |  /  |  \_\/
                                 \/_/ | \_\/
                                  \ `-|-' /
                                   \     /
                                    \   /
                                     \ /

                       >>* RIHANNSU STELAM AEVUMIH *<<

As the Seal of the RSE fades, a bust of an attractive, Rihannsu female appears on the screen... her silver/grey military uniform of the Galae sitting proudly on her exemplary posture. "Jolan'tru qiuu", she begins in a soft, aspirated tone, filtering certain words from the universal translator, "It has been a long and violent conflict that has begun from deceit and uninvited entries, but the victories of the Rihannsu Star Empire have become too numerous to count. Yet today, it is not the time for the galaxy to be swept under the wing of the Empire. Not yet. Today, I hereby declare that after a long process of talks and diplomatic meetings, the Empire has signed the end to this war."

Lifting her head faintly, the female curls her lips in the characteristic Rihannsu smile of sarcasm, that seems not only to amuse her greatly but bring an impending sense of irony to all her words, "The Empire is no longer at war with the Dominion or the Klingons. We have found our enemies to be deceitful, two-faced and barbarous. But the Rihannsu people have always held a high understanding of living nature, and we have reached an agreement. The talks have been dificult indeed, starting out with the Klingons obliging to every wish of the Vorta negotiator. But whether they were just changelings acting as Klingons, or something has occurred in their command, the Klingons have came back strongly later."

The Rihanha narrows her mistrusting eyes faintly... their dark shine brought out by the emerald lighting in her location, "The details of the agreement are being worked out, but the Empire agrees to recognize the current holdings of the Dominion as theirs, if they can be kept as such. The Klingon Empire does not, however, recognize the Dominion sovereignty of the Tyranus system, where a planet and a starbase are located. The Empire makes no comment on this disagreement."

"Furthermore, the planet Delkan IV remains in the Klingon possession, while the Rihannsu Star Empire claims Lesarus II in return. Our trade with the Stronghold station will now commence. Our previous treaties all stand recognized, and nothing has changed on that forum."

Pausing for a moment, the Rihanha takes two long breaths, perhaps to separate the upcoming statements from what has been already said, "Let it be known and remembered that the Rihannsu Star Empire stood as a guardian against the unknown, the victim against uncalled aggression, and the swooping bird collecting the corpses of the enemies. But for now, time for that has passed. One day, we _will_ be back. But it seems that the Alpha Quadrant has its own problems to resove now. Meanwhile, we will be watching..."

With a last pause, the black-haired Rihanha fades from the screen, letting the emerald lighting give way to darkness.