Subject:Ferengi murdered by Federation ship on Hellesport; Tensions mount

Hellesport (GE) -- Tensions between the Ferengi Trade Alliance and the United Federation of Planets increased exponentially today when a Ferengi trader onboard Hellesport Station was murdered by what is reported to be a Federation transporter.

The deceased Ferengi's ship was the FAS Ruvlif, which was engaged in cargo transfer and trading operations at the time. Sources onboard the FAS Ruvlif report that the USS Reliant undocked, then redocked several moments later for an unknown reason. During that time, witnesses onboard Hellesport Station watched in horror as the Ferengi trader was enveloped in a Federation transporter beam and was rapidly reduced to a pile of organic waste. The FAS Ruvlif, as well as several other ships in the vicinity, indicated that their sensors reported that the transporter beam originated from the USS Reliant.

The Ferengi Trade Alliance has filed a protest with the Federation Council about what it calls a deliberate act of murder on the part of the USS Reliant's duty officers. Ferengi government authorities declimed to comment, but stated that they are watching this situation carefully in light of what occured the last time Ferengi traders were harassed by the Federation and its allies.

Confidential sources have hinted that one or more UFP officers may already be in custody onboard the USS Reliant, but this could not be confirmed.