Subject:Dominion Stronghold Completed!

A statement released by the Dominion Department of Commercial Affairs earlier today confirmed that the Dominion starbase Stronghold (referred to as a 'center of commerce' by its masters) has been completed. Although a few independent trading organisations had been given trading rights along with the Klingons several weeks ago, several parts of the base were still under construction

The reporter is replaced with a view of the Tyranus system, with the large, symmetrical starbase Stronghold floating ominously near the third planet in the system. "Starbase Stronghold is now accepting applications for docking and trading permits from all sectors. The Department of Commercial Affairs has released a public frequency to be used for all clearance under any permit, either for passage through Dominion soverign space (A tiny little window pops up with the coordinates: 164+0 to 168+0 6620000 to 6800000) or for travel to and from the Tyranus system directly.

"Finally," the reporter concludes and the footage of Tyranus cuts back to her, "The Dominion has asked us to remind our viewers that, while Starbase Stronghold is accessible to anyone with a permit, all of the planets in the Tyranus system are restricted to all but authorized Dominion personnel and their guests. The limited scans GE vessels were able to obtain from the area revealed nothing on any of the planets in the Tyranus system, but that, we assume, is what we were meant to find."

-- GE Staff