Subject:A Final Reply From the Dominion

The emblem of the Dominion flashes onto the screen, momentarily replaced by a Vorta with emerald eyes and hands folded, his body positioned behind a broad gray desk.

There is a startled blink that comes from the face of the Vorta, indeed a look of pure offense that crosses his features and thunders like a storm within his eyes. However, his smile remains adamant and putting aside the vinegar of the most recent message that he has now read over he composes himself to prepare to reply. Speaking, his voice one of soothing properties that nearly lifts the spirits and draws the ear in equal compassion, he states:

"Oh, dear. Oh, my. Such words of spite, such words of funneled malice. Yet, gentle beings of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, how misplaced. Shall we investigate the beginnings of this voice's shout? Firstly, did he not just state that 'as [he had] predicted, the Vorta stood once again in front of the monitor, his features speaking of pain and internal suffering about how much we misunderstand the Dominion.' Hmm? I believe he did. I find this, ladies and gentleman, tiring, nay amusing. I had said within my last address to you that such words would be spoken. If there is any predictability it appears it lies within this voice's own temperament, this voice's own content. Like a drone..." he says, his eyes narrowing in disgust, "...he just continues to spew and spew the same rhetoric over and over again. Aren't we all tired of it? Indeed, I know I am. I grow weary of having to defend my people's own sovereign rites and their own honor as they continuously are slandered by an invisible hypocrite who has no decency, no respect, no thought to ever reveal themselves even. How pitiful." Growing silent for a moment then, the Vorta allowing his mannerisms to again fall under his control, he says with a raised neck.

"To the Federation I appeal humbly at your logic. Do not new empires, new entities even, that enter an area of space do it unknowingly? And once they have is it not their immediate reply to attempt to establish some form of negotiations there? I say *again* that this was done, and no matter how much the anonymous persona that rivals me continues to state this in slander, I can find *no* fault with it! We came into your quadrants as explorers. We established peace with one empire, looking to further this too many, the Klingons; and with their aid we found a new home -- a place that is of our sovereignty and that we can call home, making us no longer an outsider but a member of your galactic community. I am sorry, but I find nothing wrong with this. Perhaps that person who speaks against me knows not even what the legal definition of sovereignty is, for he surely has no respect for it." Taking in a deep breath, the Vorta attempt to remove his anger.

"I apologize for any discomfort this message may be causing you, my fellow individuals. I only ask for your reason, your mind's intellectual appeal -- something our supposed friend and galactic crier appeals little too -- in order to trust us and see our ways. Until we can perhaps some day meet face to face my outspoken friend. Unfortunately I hold no kind words for you. Good day."

Reaching over then, the Vorta ends the communications only to leave the screen black and lifeless.