Subject:The Voice of the Alpha Quadrant

"Intriguing, how one can predict the nature of those who lack flexibility and imagination. But as I have predicted, the Vorta stood once again in front of the monitor, his features speaking of pain and internal suffering about how much we misunderstand the Dominion. Yet again did he proclaim the sorrow at our replies to the benevolence and love that the Dominion prepared for the Alpha Quadrant. Yes, the Vorta are so predictable, that I am surprised they don't just use holos for these public speeches. Same tune, same note, same style, same benevolent and sickly arrogance, same pretense of peace. Even the utterly logical Vulcans vary their methods more, and show more depth.

"But one more time - and again unsurprisingly - has the Vorta repeated the same worn out statements, and missed the obvious. Either the diplomatic talent of the Dominion lacks any skill, or its goals are indeed so foul that they cannot mask them in any other way. Let us recall the facts:

"The Dominion brings peace - with weapons. It carries love and understanding - forcing it down our throats. It keeps their benevolent presence in our Quadrant - uninvited. It avoids answering the questions, giving us meaningless blabber of love in return. And now, hear all, the Dominion declared themselves no longer outsiders. Despite /arriving/ from the Gamma Quadrant, despite /making/ its way through the wormhole, despite /not/ having lived here ever - the Dominion is no longer an outsider. At least according to the Vorta. The first sign of a quiet conqueror.

"But the realities are getting grim. The Founder himself, in his speech, pronounced the power of the Dominion, stating that anything against their interests will be opposed with force. Arrogantly, he claimed that we could never defend against their forces. A military state, no doubt. A misguidedly confident one. An aggressor. But the facts are that the Dominion hardly stands a chance against the forces of the Alpha Quadrant. It's alone, against many. Its quiet aggression wrapped in love is only possible due to the blindness of those in the Alpha Quadrant, who like the Klingons already will be eaten alive to serve new masters.

"And it has been reported already that the Romulans hold one of such Founders. Is he so great indeed? Is he not mortal? What have the Romulans learned about this invader? Why is this kept a secret? Share!

"So, to the blind Federation, that will welcome the Dominion with open hands no doubt (to one day regret it), to the opportunistc Ferengi, who are surely dealing with the new enemy in secret, to the enslaved Klingons who have given their warrior ways for the way of the changelings, to the secretive Romulans who will stubbornly not share their findings and facts in their war with the invaders, I say wake up!

"And if you don't, then one day you will be woken up forcefully, enslaved like the Gamma Quadrant already. The Dominion refused to move back to their homeworld and start their relations according to our traditions that they so conveniently 'missed'. It has sealed its fate. It will one day perish with its meager forces, after crossing the line.