Subject:Dominion Reply to Recent Hatred

There is a long pause as the emblem of the Dominion blinks onto the screen and then gradually fades to reveal a Vorta with dazzling green eyes behind a long oval shaped desk of metallic gray. Folding his hands before him, his head raising slightly -- a look of utter astonishment and hurt composing the features of his face -- he gradually comes to speak in his soothing voice, its core containing a most saddened sound as if one that had been given the final blow of pain from remarks.

"Fellow beings of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. I come to you today to speak of the messages which have grieved me so profoundly as of late that I could not idly sit by and forfeit the option of a reply. Let it be known to all, that at this very instant, this very moment the glorious Dominion is conversing with the Rihannsu Star Empire towards a resolution of the current -- actions between our two illustrious people. However, I am appalled, nay disgusted by the attitudes presented to myself and against those beings who compose our wide spread nation." Sneering slightly, the Vorta composing himself again with an forced smile, he continues as his eyelids lull to cover his torment.

"I have never see such bias, such hatred and malice bent from ones who proclaim a purpose of peace. Time and time again I am insulted as we are degraded, as we are given but one label -- the outsiders! This is unacceptable. How hypocritical are you empires within this portion of the galaxy that we now share! Built upon respectful doctrines of love, peace, and brotherhood. Of liberty and policies of benevolence. How can you turn these documents downward and stand up only to take a stance both ethnocentric as well as hostile. We have come here without need of immediate announcement, as all wanders and great explores come to a new place. But when we arrived we did not dismiss our diplomatic obligations. We do have a region of space which is our sovereignty inside this quadrant. We do have treaties and allies such as the honorable Klingons, the only empire that has yet too truly understand our purpose and all its benefits. " Straightening himself, the Vorta looks hopeful at his audience, his expression one of truthfulness and want.

"I challenge you, the beings of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants to put aside your petty hatred, your xenophobic views, to put aside your hypocrisy and reclaim yourselves by refraining from such blatant malevolent remarks. It pains me each time that I hear them, the memories of those who strove so hard to construct the foundations of your governments whom now you tread upon as if no longer worthy of your remembrance." Nodding in empathy, the Vorta continues slowly adding with paused moments his final words.

"We remember them, United Federation of Planets, we remember them and we are the 'outsiders' the 'unwanted.' We are the illegal aliens to put it bluntly, or at least that is what we have been degraded too. Nay, we are none of these. We understand, however, your mistakes and never have held any individual or nation for these emotions that so often get out of hand. Thus, we do not blame you, but forgive you for your sharp words."

"Please, our mission here is sincere and though my words will likely be once again misconstrued, we ask that you evaluate us with some respect before labeling our lives, which should be held in all equality, and our presence as inferior. I thank you for your attention and intellectual appeal."

Bowing his head, no further comment coming, the screen gradually fades to black only to leave the Vorta's outline present for a moment in the darkness before it too dissolves and departs from those viewing this broadcast's view.