Subject:UFP Response

< A familiar looking Bolian appears on the screen, standing once again behind a podium displaying the Seal of the Federation.  This time, however, the setting appears to be inside a building.  After looking down at his notes for a moment, Chairman Behnu looks directly at the camera. >

"Welcome.  I had hoped that the next time I spoke to you all, that it would be a joyous occasion.  However, I speak again in a time of distress."

He lets the words sink in before continuing.

"The Founders of the Galactic Dominion seem to have taken our recent actions as hostile, perhaps even as an informal declaration of war.  This is not so.  We have simply responded to /their/ hostile actions in a defensive manner.  The Federation will not allow the shipping of military supplies through our space.  Recent actions against both the Dominion and Ferengi will attest to this."

Again, time is allowed for the words to sink in.

"We in the Federation welcome Diplomatic Envoys from the Galactic Dominion, and hope to resolve our recent troubles with them.  However, we will not be pushed aside, nor seen as a weak or dying power in the Alpha Quadrant.  We do not take kindly to veiled threats, from Vorta or Changeling.  If the Dominion wishes relations with us they will abide by our laws, respect our borders, and treat us as equals.  Our borders may have been closed to their Fleet, but diplomatic channels have always been open.  We leave it to the Dominion to contact us, if they do indeed wish to peacefully coexist."

< With that Behnu walks off-camera. >