Subject:The Voice of the Alpha Quadrant

The following is an opinion delivered to the Galactic Enquirer by an unknown author. With the message was a fairly diplomatic demand that the origin of this should not be traced. At a first glance, the message seems untraceable, but the Galactic Enquirer has kept its word, and will not pursue this matter.

"It is a new era for the Alpha Quadrant. Peace and war has been our way, but through the racial diversity that makes this part of space, the empires and worlds have prospered well. There have been rules that governed our lives, rules of trade, diplomacy, and even war. And while sometimes the rules were broken, their sanctity and value were never questioned. After all, they were never broken without heavy repercussions.

"But that time is gone now. As history cruelly takes us into another era, the future looks gloomy and dark. The Dominion is here now. It arrived unannounced, and from the very beginning of its presence in the Alpha Quadrant it started hostilities, problems, diplomatic deviousness and blatant aggression.

"Like everything else from the Dominion, this message will most likely evoke another reply from their Vorta. Once again, they will show internal pain on the viewscreen, grieve for our unfortunate misunderstanding of their peaceful intentions, and appeal to our glorious intellects and technology. That much is known. Once again they will remind everyone that their mission here is one of peace. After all, they have just stated that they have prepared diplomatic and trade teams to interact with our governments, and to help us prosper. The teams are composed of the best of their specialists, and they have long studied and learned about our Quadrant, and put much effort into this mission already, so that it succeeds.

"But the Dominion seems to forget that nobody invited them here. No government has asked them to enter the Alpha Quadrant. No race has demanded trade and diplomatic relations with them. No empire has petitioned to the Dominion for any contact. No, my fellow citizens of the Alpha Quadrant, the Dominion decided it on its own, and is grieved and greatly sorrowed that we reply to negatively to what they have to offer. To what we never asked for.

"The rules of the Alpha Quadrant are simple, although Gamma Quadrant seems to have missed that in their professed long and hard research of our governments before moving in. Here, no one does diplomatic relations without being asked for them. Here, nobody trades with another culture without mutual consent. Here, we govern ourselves, and each empire is given a right to make its own decisions, without others forcing them into trade or diplomacy. And if the Dominion did, indeed, spend all this time researching our Quadrant to further our relations, how could they miss this cardinal and plainly evident rule?

"No, my fellow citizens. The contradictions of the Dominion words and the contradictions of their actions are too evident. Not asked, they want to trade. Told to go away, they want to talk. Professing peace, they attack and take over more and more of our space. It is a skillful technique, one well prepared. But it is, my fellow citizens, an invasion.  Already the Klingons, once a strong and proud race, dance to the tune of the Dominion. A race that stems from such noble ideals, one that would never in the past give their sacred soil to anyone. Now, they have given planets and more and more space. The Klingons are already lost, but for the rest of the Alpha Quadrant, mark my words now, for in future they will ring loudly. Prepare for the Dominion invasion!

"And if the next message from the two-faced Vorta yet again speaks of the same friendship and love, the Alpha Quadrant has one thing to say to the Dominion. If indeed your mission is of diplomacy and trade, follow the rules of the Alpha Quadrant. Move back to your territory past the wormhole, and from there negotiate pacts and alliances, and then set the trade routes like all the other cultures have done. That is our way. A way which you are desecrating and willfully ignoring. If your mission is of peace, do it the right way. The way those who have lived in the Alpha Quadrant - an area you don't belong to - have done for millennia. If you do not, you will put a final stamp on this message, proving my words."