From:United Federation of Planets
Subject:UFP Press Conference

<< A Bolian man, dressed in civilian attire, stands at a podium displaying the Seal of the United Federation of Planets.  Behind him can be seen the famous Golden Gate Bridge, around which many 'craft seem to be flying.  After a moment he clears his throat and looks out upon the crowd of reporters gathered on the lawn. >>

"Welcome.  I am Behnu, Chairman of the Federation Defense Council.  You've all been called here today so that the Federation may issue a statement to both the Galactic Dominion and the Klingon Empire."

"I shall cut to the point, so as not to waste any of your time.  Founders, we had hoped for peace with you and your Dominion, but all we are shown is hostility.  We remained passive when it was discovered that one of you had infiltrated our ranks.  Rather than jump to conclusions, we gave you the benefit of the doubt and assumed the infiltrator was a rogue Changeling.  But last night one of your warships, the DSV Errant Lord, crossed our border masquerading as a civilian freighter carrying medical and food supplies.  When approached by the USS Reliant for a routine cargo inspection, the Errant Lord fled towards Deep Space Nine at high warp.  The Reliant and USS Intrepid pursued it to the Bajoran border, issuing a warning stating that the Dominion carrier was /not/ to cross our borders again."

Bendu takes a moment to cleanse his throat with a glass of water, then continues.

"The Errant Lord did not heed the Reliant's warning and made two more passes through our Federation space, firing on the Reliant and Intrepid several times.  This we will not stand for.  The Defense Council has today authorized me to announce that henceforth, all Dominion vessels, civilian and military, are banned from Federation Space and are not to cross our borders for any reason whatsoever.  We will not tolerate the actions of those who abuse our laws and endanger the safety of Federation citizens."

Behnu once again pauses to drink from his glass of water.

"To the Klingon Empire, we offer an apology.  During pursuit of the Errant Lord, the USS Intrepid accidently crossed into Klingon Space without announcing its intent.  The Federation realizes this is a violation of the Treaty of E'Gok, a treaty we hope will stand for many years to come.  However, we wish to let it be known that Klingon freighters and military vessels are also prohibited from escorting Dominion convoys through Federation space, under said treaty.  We are sure that this problem shall not arise and that the Klingons are just as eager to uphold the Treaty as we here in the Federation are.  Thank you, that is all."