Subject:Press release: Klingon defense force

*the screen fills with the image of a tall, armored Klingon standing on what is obviously the bridge of a Klingon battle cruiser. Behind the officer, repairs are being performed, and there is the low sounds of work elsewhere in the ship. The officer, who wears the uniform of the Klingon defense force, his rank ensignia being that of a fleet admiral, steps forward to speak, looking right into the screen.*

Greetings, I am Fleet admiral Shra'hawk of the Klingon defense force. I am releasing this statement to relay the news that the stolen Galaxy class vessel known as the Oxis, was destroyed earlier this evening when it attempted to attack the Sol star system.
The vessel was engaged by the starbase spacedock, and the federation ships Saratoga, Normandy, and geneva, as well as the Gdm ship Resolve and the Klingon battle cruiser Chuchleth. After a very furious battle in and around the sol star system, the Oxis exploded. an escape pod launched from the ship also self-destructed before it could be towed back to spacedock.
From the communications, we have also determined that during this battle, the Oxis seems to have fired several missiles at Hellesport station and vessels in it's vicinity.

I am sure the Federation will release a statement, as will the gdm, but, this is all the Klingon empire has to say on this matter.
*He steps back, salutes the screen, and then gestures for his communications officer to end the transmission.
The screen fades, to the Klingon Imperial defense force symbol, and then goes black.*