Subject:Meeting Rumors

As the meeting on Deletham Ssaedhe between the Rihannsu Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets has been concluded, information starts to slowly trickle out. Firstly, it is ineed suspected that the two governments signed some form of treaty or agreement, and possibly even a military one. Perhaps riding the good image after the successful campaigns against the Dominion, and somehow dismissing the losses concurred in the process, the Rihannsu are certainly using their recent position within the galaxy to their advantage. The Federation, however, has been strangely silent, and is rumored to be ready for much. Almost as if the traditional roles have temporarily reversed.

But the second rumor, confirmed more and more with time, is that during the talks, the Tal Shiar or the Galae has discovered a Founder hidden among the Federation officials... one they have been monitoring for a while, and finally set down for her dramatic and highly organized capture. In front of the meeting, the changeling has been exposed and arrested.

The fate of the Dominion Founder is currently unknown. The network will attempt to interview those involved, but of course the Rihannsu are not speaking. This will halt any investigation on the matter, unless the United Federation of Planets issues a statement.

The USS Reliant has safely returned home and the meeting proceeded surprisingly smoothly. What has changed in the galaxy now? How this will new treaty affect intergalactic affairs? What is the treaty exactly?