Subject:RSE-UFP Meeting!

This is a special report of the Galactic Enquirer.

Greetings, Galaxy.

The United Federation of Planets and the Rihannsu Star Empire have allegedly met onboard the space station Deletham Ssaedhe. The reason for the meeting is rumored to be talks of a possible alliance. It is, however, very perplexing why the Rihannsu agreed to hold the talks in their own space. While this is not uncommon to the Empire, it has not been done for some time. The Federation team travelled to the Eisn system on the USS Reliant, setting a straight course and apparently without any Galae escort on the way.

What occurred in the meeting is still unknown, as neither side is yet available for comments. This network will try to bring as much information on this quite likely important event as possible.

The USS Reliant has not yet been spoted returning from the Rihannsu Space, although its course back home is unknown, and may have been missed. Is this a direct response to the Dominion threat? Or is the Dominion posing any threat at all? Opinions are very divided on the issue, and little action taken, other than from the RSE.

Galactic Enquirer