Subject:Echoes From Rihannsu Space

The reports from the Rihannsu space are always scarce, but of late it seems they have increased... at least in rumors. Yet it is not the job of this network to bring rumors, but facts. Still, the following report is based mainly on those facts that we were able to acquire. The Rihannsu do not speak to the Galactic Enquirer, and when they do, they rarely answer the questions asked, offering their own statements instead.

It is, however, known that the Rihannsu Galae, the navy of the Empire, has somehow recovered what was first referred to as 'sensitive cargo' from one of mercenary vessels. The cargo has proven to be two Hellesport members, one Fleet Commander Clover and Nurse Mango. The vessel has not been seen again, but the Empire has not released any information whether it was destroyed by the Galae or left in space. There is, however, a rather strong rumor that the mercenary group was hired by the Klingon Empire to perform just this task - capture Hellesport personnel. Are the Dominion allies working against the Founders? Or was this a secret order from the Dominion? Or a completely unrelated matter? Or is the rumor false?

The Hellesport pair is currently said to reside aboard Deletham Ssaedhe, although their return to Hellesport is most likely pending. The mercenary vessel has not been identified, and the site of the capture cannot be determined. Needless to say, the Rihannsu are not providing much information, if any at all. This network was informed that all the above are Imerial matters, and none of such are ever discussed.

Galactic Enquirer