Subject:The Dominion's Official Reply

A Vorta, a soft spoken species with bright green eyes and a pleasant smile, appears upon the screen -- the emblem of the Dominion plastered in rather timid size behind him, while the lights and the ambiance of the entire broadcast remain low if not relaxing for the viewer to watch.

"Greetings gentle beings of the galaxy. I come before you today not as a member of the Dominion, or one of the glorious Founder's representatives, but as a simple citizen of the universe's laws who wishes simply to see the pursuit of truth unfolded from the misinformation passed by the Rihannsu Star Empire, though their intentions were likely good." Pausing, his hands being clasped before him on the desk, visible for all to see, he continues in his soft, soothing voice.

"As many of you know, a Dominion vessel, the DCV Pariah was destroyed not long ago. There are several tidbits of data I wish to correct before any further damage to our delicate credibility can be done. Firstly, I ask you to examine the designation of the 'horrid' ship, which has been classified a battlecruiser, the Pariach. DCV, my kind friends, is a Dominion Civilian Vessel. I seriously doubt that this gentle giant was on its way to destroy Hellesport, a station which one of our glorious Founders was aboard at the time as well as myself -- both whom I might add aided in its repairs immediately after the unprovoked attack."

"Rather, being of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, the Rihannsu took it upon themselves to continue their aggressions against our people and in the process showed their true feelings towards Hellesport, its children, officers, and the elderly aboard. They showed that they care little for others lives in their quest for a vendetta against our innocent people and that they will stop at nothing to destroy us, trick us, and trap us; including the risking of oblivious lives. This, my friends, is what the Dominion turned and fought for. This is what caused them to loose the Pariach and all lives aboard."

Growing silent again, the smile that had faded upon the Vorta's lips returns, as he sighs but continues in his whispering voice. "The reason for the Pariah's visit was one of obtaining the Founder aboard Hellesport, the Civilian Vessel was to transport him safely back to our space. This, however, would not be the case for under a mistake likely taken by a Rihannsu crew member they believed their scanners to show the vessel armed -- something that simply was not possible."

"This error we forgive the Rihannsu Star Empire of, as well as the generous amount of lives it has cost upon both Hellesport and the Pariah. As for those officers and crewman killed upon the Ra'kholh, the Dominion wishes to extend its deepest regrets and apologies. We still hope only for a peaceful and unchaotic existence within this portion of the galaxy. Can you share our vision Rihannsu Star Empire? It is all that we ask of you. Thank you."

Falling quiet then, the screen fades to black as the Vorta's eyes for a moment tear in frustration and grievance -- that being the final image that he leaves to his audience.