Subject:Fleet battle near Hellesport!

The staff of Hellesport station awoke abruptly early this morning when nearby explosions from type-V photon torpedoes tore off the armor plating that PanHelles installed the last time this happened.

High-quality footage, shot from several angles, follows this announcement. A d'Deridex-A class Rihannsu warbird decloaks just behind the massive Dominion battlecruiser Pariah, both shown in a simulation of warp speed en route to Hellesport. The Rihannsu ship is itself enormous, nearly three times the size of the Federation Galaxy class vessel, but the Pariah dwarfs the green warship, over twice /its/ size. "...DBC Pariah to R--" is all that is heard before a volley of photon torpedoes strikes the Pariah. The battle that ensues doesn't take very much time, but a series of camera shots indicates that a great deal happened in such a short time span. A few moments after the Rihannsu warbird Ra'Kholh fired, the Pariah is shown returning fire in the form of its deadly type IV Disruptor torpedoes. Despite its obvious advantage over the Ra'Kholh, the Pariah remained on course for Hellesport.

A moment later, the ChR Thraiin, the Ra'Kholh's sister-ship, decloaks a short distance from the Binary system in which Hellesport resides. The Pariah launches another volley of torpedoes, but drops out of warp right next to Hellesport -- a tactic some observers call 'a human shield' while others suggest that the Pariah, which (according to the footage) did not instigate the hostilities, was attempting to dissaude the Rihannsu from damaging their own interests on Hellesport. This succeeded, but not until the explosions from severeal torpedoes also engulfed the PanHelles station. Preliminary reports indicate several wounded, some severely, but none dead.

The ChR Thraiin engaged the Pariah at point-blank range with its powerful disruptor cannons, and the Pariah returned fire in kind. The damage previously inflicted by the Ra'Kholh, however, gave the Thraiin the upper hand; in a short time, the warp engines on the Pariah were unusable, and its formidable disruptor arrays were totally destroyed. Caught in close proximity to Hellesport, unable to torpedo the Thraiin, the Pariah launched a final volley of disruptor torpedoes at the now-retreating Ra'Kholh. Shortly after impact, the Ra'kholh's structural integrity fields destabilized, and a portion of the crew and staff abandoned the ship, moments before its quantum singularity destabilized entirely, destroying utterly the warbird and most of the people on it.

The Pariah's fate was sealed. The ChR Thraiin tore away at the Dominion warship's massive hull with repeated disruptor fire, and eventually the the structural integrity field collapsed entirely. Parts of the ship literally flew apart. A lone Jem'Hadar legion-class fighter was sighted escaping the Pariah before it was annihilated by the Rihannsu, and our tactical analysts report that it fired a sort of 'subspace-altering torpedo' that disrupted the warp field of the Thraiin, preventing pursuit but not causing damage -- that was caused by the Quantum torpedoes that followed it, and whomever was at the helm made their escape.

As the reports have it, it turns out that the entire combat was engineered by the Rihannsu... a trap that was designed to happen further away from Hellesport. It has been leaked to the Dominion that a high level diplomatic meeting between the Rihannsu and the Federation would occurr on Hellesport that day. A meeting that could have ended in an alliance against the force from the Gamma Quadrant. The Dominion did, therefore, intervene.
Little else was left from this sudden and violent battle, except the debris of the massive Dominion warship and the Rihannsu Warbird. Shuttles and escape pods have burst from both... but the list of survivors will probably never be revealed.

-- Galactic Enquirer Staff
To the knowledge of this network, either side is yet to start any other report with the other that would not include complete military action. The trap of the Pariah was executed very well, although the losses to the Rihannsu were there... as one would expect in war. It is also very clear that no meeting between the Rihannsu Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets was taking place today. Speculations suggest Tal Shiar may have engineered the false reports... but little is expected to be known.