Subject:The Undeclared War Continues

Reports are coming in from the edges of Federation space, near the Cardassian Demilitarized zone, of a conflict involving some of the Galaxy's major players. GE was not able to dispatch a vessel in time to get a visual report -- the presence of the USS Intrepid deterred most would be observers -- but sources with connections to those involved, and the galactic communications frequency seem to confirm the report that a Dominion cruiser was travelling from the DMZ to their newly-established base when it came under fire from a Romulan warbird.

We are unsure why the Romulans attacked the Dominion cruiser at this time, but it seems to be a part of the undeclared war going on between the Rihannsu Stellar Empire and the Galactic Dominion. Unlike the conflict over Delkan, the Dominion vessel did not fare very well, and was rapidly disabled under an onslaught of torpedo fire from the Rihannsu warship. The Dominion ship's distress calls identified it as the JAC Wrathful, carrying supplies to Stronghold, though one of the few transmissions from the Rihannsu vessel accused it of transporting 'illegal weaponry.' The Dominion vessel was soon boarded by Rihannsu shock troops, and it appears that the ship was quickly overwhelmed by the Rihannsu soldiers before its commander initiated a self-destruct sequence.

The USS Intrepid arrived shortly after the ship was boarded, as did the Klingon ship Chuch'leth. The Intrepid fired on the Chuch'leth after the Chuch'leth started firing on the Rihannsu warbird, and both ships quickly withdrew.

The question remains: Was the Dominion vessel carrying illegal weaponry? How did the Klingons respond so quickly? Who was the real victor? Why did the Dominion ship have no escort?

--GE Staff