Subject:Dominion Activity

The Galactic Enquirer logo is replaced by static, which gradually resolves to a starscape, in which the bustling activity of dozens of small cargo ships and tugs can be seen. Already, the skeletal structure of a large starbase is visible, orbiting the planet Tyranus III in the Tyranus system, deep inside Klingon space. A large warship passes in front of the camera, and the view is quickly jammed, replaced by the Dominion emblem.

"Reports from sources inside Klingon territory have learned what the Dominion received in return for their military support in the conflict over the Delkan system, near Hellesport. Earlier today, The Galactic Enquirer confirmed that a massive starbase is under construction in the Tyranus system, orbiting the class L planet Tyranus III, which is undergoing extensive terraforming and will eventually be reclassified an M-class. Dominion contacts report that the base, which employs a unique dual-ring structure, will be open commercially, much like Hellesport station, with which the Dominion has reportedly signed extensive commercial agreements. Safe passage, according to a Vorta official, will be granted to all independent traders, the Klingon Empire, and PanHelles employees. "Our goal is to make the station open to everyone," the Vorta was quoted as saying, "But the Federation is attempting to place sanctions on the Klingon Empire simply for allowing us a home in this Quadrant, and we do not yet have much contact with the Rihannsu Empire. We hope that their respective governments will be able to see the Dominion for what we really are, and not what they were so quick to judge us as."

The starbase, aptly named Stronghold, is expected to completed in a very short time frame; "All of our resources in this quadrant are devoted to establishing ourselves in the Tyranus system," the Vorta informed us, "But we are being careful to do everything right the first time." Rare commodities from the Gamma Quadrant, including the sought-after Tulaberry wine, will be available. Independent contracters and traders are urged to seek commerce and docking rights as soon as possible.

-GE Staff