Subject:A Ghost Planet...

A gory report figures among one of the top stories of the Galactic Enquirer tonight. First, a long shot of a seemingly lone planet comes on the screen, the caption under it locates the area to the the Romulan-Klingon Neutral Zone. The picture is taken from far, far away, as if even the neutral Galacti Enquirer didn't dare come close to the alliance of the Klingon and Dominion vessels, last seen around this world. Then, as the fuzzy image continues to shake, a voice over delivers a sombre report.

"A few days ago, an outbreak of a virus on Delkan IV has alarmed the population of that planet and the neighbouring world in the Neutral Zone. Seemingly rapid, the virus spread with incredible speed, affecting the Klingon population of that world within days. Since no other races inhabit that planet anymore, the effect of the virus is unkown past the Klingon race.

"Within two days of the virus outbreak, first casualties surfaced. Any exposure to it proved fatal. By now... Delkan IV is an empty shell of a rock... the remaining handful of beings somehow proving immune to it, or most likely sheltering themselves in remote locations to avoid contamination. Are their days numbered too?

"The remote statistics that this network was able to gather say that %90 of the population has died from the virus. %5 is still seriously ill, and the remaining %5 is unaccounted for, and presumed sheltered still. The virus seems to affect the brain patters of a Klingon brain, inducing an effect similar to heavy drunkenness at first, and fatal within a day or two. It is still a mystery to us how it spreads. Its breakdown is also unknown... as is the decomposition time.

"Now, as Delkan IV remains virtually a desert world with a deadly predator waiting for those who enter it, questions arise. What first seemed like a sanitary carelessnes of the invading Klingon forces, is now ruled out... the speculation now impossible in deed. Could it be the secret doing of the Dominion or one of its secret alies, starting a purifying process of ethnic proportions? Questions arise, and the Galactic Enquirer will bring you answers as soon as they become available.

The voice fades and the image ends its fuzzy broadcast. Other news are delivered, and the problem of the ghost planet of Delkan IV is not brought again... at least for now.

OOC: This happening has been ruled by the Q based on many IC details and some random element, and is delivered to you by me - an OOC messenger.