Subject:'Destruction of Gobux

I am aware that this in no way can make up for the loss of Gobux in the battle from last evening
However I still wish to apologize on behalf of PanHelles and Hellesport Station to the Administrator of Gobux and the personnel.  Our logs would indicate that Gobux was simply in close pximity to the assialant and suffered damage due to the torpedo detonations on the Oxis.  Hellesport in no way had intentionally fired upon Gobux.  The problem arose simply because of the inexperience of the tactical officer who was on duty at the time.  This issue is cureently being looked over and all parties will be dealth with accordingly.
Hellesport's involvement in the reparations to Johns and the staff of Gobux will be decided at a later date

Major General Mher'ral  --  Hellesport