Subject:Second-Hand News

Perhaps without much of the unsettling effect that the messages from the Rihannsu Star Empire are aimed at creating, the general news broadcast from the Galactic Enquirer brings only a second-hand note from a reporter that claims to have obtained a word from one of the Rihannsu diplomats. It is a written statement, a message seemingly composed by someone who does not wish to spend time on needless posing on galactic networks... more important matters being at hand.

"Let it be known to the galaxy that the Klingon Empire has broken the treaty of no military involvement and residence in the Outmarshes... also known as the Neutral Zone. Their pretense of leaving the planet of Delkan IV a few weeks ago, and of contributing to the peace in the galaxy has been exposed as false. Furthermore, their alliance with the Dominion clearly states their intentions towards the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The Dominion have always displayed hostile intentions towards this sector. Now, along with their newly found accomplices, they are back. Initiating combat with Rihannsu vessels, and showing aliance with their new Dominion masters, the Klingons have made a loud statement. Any and all organizations that support this barbaric conduct are welcomed to join this disruption of peace. It will be dealt with accordingly."

Read by the Bajoran reporter that delivered the message, this communique perhaps lacks the intensity and irony of tone that a Rihannsu voice would carry with it. The message ends in a rather uncharacterisic way. Perhaps whoever sent it does not want to reveal much...