To:*Galactic-Enquirer and Jess
Subject:Election of Praetorial Council

STARDATE 20170313.2141


Following what can be called 'the dullest Senatorial race in recent history," the Upper and Lower Houses have presented the election results of the Praetorial Council. While unremarkable on its surface, it should be noted that this is the first time in the last fifty years that all major houses have been equally represented.  "It should make for a somewhat more exciting political climate," notes political watchdog T'lara t'Khellis, in her most recent installment of 'Your Universe Now', the bestselling holobroadcast series. "While we have the old guard of s'Llaehnn and the mysterious s'Aegis still in play, s'Khnialmnae has brought to the round table none other than the inimitable Shihaya ir'Apnex t'Khnialmnae, showing their bravado once again in such an iconoclastic figure.
"Challenging for this round of politicans is the looming spectre of war on our front with the Federation, and the unpredictable behavior of the Klingons at our backs," continues t'Khellis, "This is not the ideal political or cultural climate for the Rihannsu, but as we have proven many times in the past, we will prevail, holding fast to the Twin Homeworlds and their daughters, a beacon of Light and Order at the center of unruly darkness."

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