Subject:[Amore: Velloran Ambassador Calls for Debate!]

From:     Amore
To:       *UFPAnnouncements and Amore
When:     10:02 am, Wednesday, May 29, 2013 (EDT)
Subject:  Velloran Ambassador Calls for Debate!

     After watching the Presidents address, the Ancent House Representitives file out of their meeting chamber silently. Few smiles adorn the faces of the normally warm and friendly people. Then their Ambassador moves to the Camera and before she is in position the qustion is shouted. "Ambassador! Is it your intentions to start a civil war within the Federation?" calls one voice, "Do you really wish to starve the Vulcans?" Calls another.  

    The Ambassador frowns at the questions called out as she raises her hand calling for quite so she may speek. "Of course we have no interest in starting a civil war, nor have we made any inclanation that we wish to starve out the Vulcans." She states with a hint of aggrevation. "Is the Vulcan econemy so weak that it can feed it's own without aid?" She asks and it is clear by her expression it is a rhetorical question yet she answers it anyways. "I doubt it seriously, but I expect this embargo, if endorsed would create and uncomfortable strain." She states simply. "and is the Federation so frail that it cant widthstand alittle desention in the ranks?" She asks again. "If it has then perhaps we are all doomed no matter what we do." She observes as she continues. "and can two people not have a disagreement and yet still remain civil?"

     It is at this point the Velloran Ambassador smiles sweetly. "This is what I intend to find out." She states calmly as she takes a deep breath. "I would like to call on President Azar to debate this topic with me, publicly." She gestures with her hand to the audience of reporters. "of course if the Vulcans wish to add anything I would welcome their presence as well." She adds as murmers flow through the crowd. "The federation has endured for many centuries, and I disagree with the position that that there should be any time, we are unable to take a stand for what we believe is morally and ethicly right."

     "I will make myself availble at any time or place to hold this debate." The Ambassador concludes her statement as the questions poor in once more. She gives no response as she falls back within her peers and fade back into the chambers.