Subject:Vellora Petition For Embargo Against Vulcan

To the respective Governments of the United Federation of Planets.

For those of you who do not know me, I am Ambassador Marion Amore of Vellora, Daughter of the Sixth House of Betazed and speaking representative for the Counsel of Elders of Betazed. I am transmitting this message to you all today in regards to an issue that concerns us all greatly. The Federations response to the Vulcans refusal to share a technology which could safe guard out worlds from the OOR threat.

Please take a few moments to read the following petition and if you agree with our points your signature would be greatly appreciated.

Most Sincerely,
  Ambassador Marion Amore
  Daughter of the Sixth House,
  Reprehensive of the Betazed Counsel.

We the member worlds of the United Federation of planets as signed below, hereby make the following charges against the Vulcan Government.

1) They did knowingly and willfully stand by and allowed Betazed to fall victim to the OOR when they, in full awareness, had a weapon which could potentially prevent it.

2) They did knowingly and willfully stand by and allowed Earth to fall victim to the OOR when they, in full awareness, had a weapon which could potentially prevent it.

3) They are willfully and knowingly placing other member worlds in jeopardy by their refusal to share a technology which has no proven effective against the continuing OOR threat.

As each member world of the United Federation of Planets joins they all must sign an agreement when entering the Federation that they will all share information and technology to better and protect other member worlds. The Vulcans, in refusing to share this technology they have placed and continue to place our worlds as easy targets for the OOR.

They make the claim that they are acting in a logical manor, as the weapon is too powerful and too grotesque to be used responsibly. However if this were truly the case they would have allowed Vulcan to fall along with the others. It is my belief that they are A. embarrassed by a part of their history they wished to conceal, and b. consider other cultures too immature to wield this device responsibly. A sentiment that they have eluded to on many separate occasions, and at its core is blatantly racist.

The Federation Government in refusing to speak out against the Vulcans actions are condoning such racism, and also allowing them to continue to place all our worlds at risk. All weapons are devastating, one Federation Vessel is capable of destroying an entire planet in a few short hours. This does not mean we pack them away and allow ourselves to be assimilated by the Borg, or ruled by the Klingons.

Although we feel separating ourselves from the Federation is an action which would be harmful not only to ourselves but also to the worlds we wish to protect, we are however calling for a trade embargo to be placed on Vulcan. As of the signing of one hundred of the two hundred and fifty member worlds, all Governments signed below will cease all non-Starfleet trade agreements with the government of Vulcan, until such a time they agree to share this Psionic Enhancer with the Federation member worlds as a whole.

It is not our desire to cause further disruption to the Federation, however the actions of the Vulcan Government along with the Federations lack of disciplinary actions against them, sets a precedent which would allow for future violations of this treaty which we cannot tolerate. It is for these reasons we as a separate action from the Government of the United Federation of Planets But as members of said Organization sign this form as a statement for history that we do not condone the Vulcan Governments actions.

Thank You,
  Betazed Counsel of Elders.

Signed Member worlds:
1) Vellora