Subject:Space Battle! Delkan IV Confrontation!

This just in:

Live footage from a somewhat wobbly camera aboard a tiny GE vessel displays the large form of a Klingon Vor'cha cruiser, hovering over Delkan IV. "Earlier this evening, the Klingon Defense Force reclaimed Delkan IV in the face of UFP and RSE ultimatums. The Rihannsu Empire was the first to respond; two d'Deridex class warbirds, the pride of the Empire, appeared on the scene."

Abruptly, the camera turns to watch a region of space that appears to have ripples in it. A moment later, the massive form of a ship at least five times the size of the approaching d'Deridex warships decloaks -- and the d'Deridex are three times the size of the well-known Galaxy class. On the opposite side of the system, a smaller, but just as menacing Jem'Hadar attack cruiser drops out of cloak.

The scene that follows is extremely quick and difficult to fully comprehend. "According to our sources, the Dominion and Klingon vessels demanded that the Rihannsu ships break off. When they did not, the Dominion battleship -- the 'DBC Pariah' -- responded:" As the first d'Deridex, ChR Ra'Kholh, enters the system, it is met with a barrage of disruptor fire from the Pariah, which seems to slice right through the warbird's usually formidable shields. The green glow of the warbird's warp drive abruptly stops, as a second wave of disruptor fire disables the warbird's engines.

The battle is soon joined. The Klingon cruiser Chuch'leth opens fire on the Ra'Kholh, which, though disabled, is not prevented from returning fire with its massive forward-firing disruptor cannon. A small Klingon shuttlecraft, the teraQ, is caught in an explosion near the Pariah and lost in a fiery blaze. The Pariah jumps into warp, shortly before coming under a barrage of photon torpedoes from the ChR Thraiin, which it returns with its own volley of disruption torpedoes.

The fighting rages on for another few minutes -- odd how so much devastation can occur in such a short time -- until finally an order from the Dominion vessel breaks off the entire attack. Both Rihannsu warbirds lie motionless in space, still functional but without warp engines. A brief communique is recorded from the ChR Ra'kholh, believed to come from the Fleet Admiral of the Rihannsu Empire: "....We surrendur. We will depart on your terms."

The Dominion battlecruiser Pariah moved up to the Ra'Kholh, either accidentally or purposefully preventing the Klingon vessel from destroying or capturing their prize. A short while later, both Rihannsu warbirds enter into warp speed, limping back to their homeworld.

"So there you have it. The might of the Rihannsu Galae, thought to be nearly unsurpassed in this quadrant, has been matched by warships of the Dominion and the Klingon Empire. On an unrelated note,  we have just received word from the inhabitants of the now Klingon-only colony of Delkan IV, reporting a breakout of a deadly virus from the industrial sector of the planet's capital city. Considering Klingon sanitary conditions, GE Medical analysts report that they are not surprised, but that the Klingon physiology, accustomed as it is to dealing with such things, will curb further breakouts and that the virus will pass."