Subject:KSIII Renamed!

It's been nearly fifteen years since the day the OOR swooped down on the Beta Velladonna system and changed the course of history for the Federation, and more specifically for the Betazoid's. In the aftermath of the attack the Surviving Betazoid's were relocated to a little known and barely habitable planet known as Krellix Sigma III, a planet which the Federation had only recently began terraforming. Originally the relocation was meant to be a temporary arrangement until a better planet could be located. However fifteen years later, they are still there.

Today the Betazoid's have taken up most of the work and have nearly completed the terraforming of KSIII, as well as done considerable work for the Federation shipyards in orbit of the planet; yet according to many Betazoid's, despite the beauty of the planet emerging around them, it still lacks the flavor of home. "The most direct cause of this is the planets name." said one Betazoid man I talked today "I mean, how can you call a place home when you cringe when you are talking about it?" The feelings he expressed are shared by many on the planet, and has been a large topic matter for the Council of Elders. But we have learned that as of today, this will no longer be an issue.

"It has been decided, that three names will be placed up for vote, by the citizens of Krellix Sigma three." Said Ambassador Marion Amore, daughter of the sixth house, who has recently taken over the job of Betazed Ambassador to the Federation. "The name options will be, Bell'lova, Janara, and Vellore." The Ambassador announced proudly this morning after emerging from the Council Chambers. "The vote will be held, in three days and the wishes of the people will be tallied by the Houses, which represent them." She went on to say.

I then decided to use this opportunity to ask the Ambassador how her recent meeting with President Azar went. "Ambassador, rumor has it that you walked out on the President in the middle of your meeting with him, care to comment?" The Ambassador paused only slightly and responded. "My meeting with the President is between him and myself." She then added "At least for the time being." And I couldn't help but detect a slight impatience in her tone.  "Mam, rumor also has it that you were to be discussing the Vulcan's anti-OOR device as well, can you tell me anything about that." Once more the Betazoid shakes her head. "My dear man, I am afraid that if you want answers, you will have to get them from other sources, after all you seem very well informed in other matters." She commented and before I could ask her any further questions she departed for her transport back to Krellix Sigma III.

So the one thing that is clear, is that in three days' time KSIII will have a new name, which of the three will be selected? Stay tuned to The Galactic Inquirer to find out.