From:The Q Continuum
Subject:Federation Retakes DS9! Wormhole Closed!

DEEP SPACE 9, Bajoran Sector

The Alliance Fleet could be seen headed towards Bajoran Space from Klaestron IV, so why did neither the Klingon nor the Cardassian Fleet take any measurable action to prepare for the battle? Holo-footage captured by independent trade vessels fleeing the station prior to the assault captured the battle:

[As the Federation fleet closes in on the station, the Klingons are uncharacteristically tentative... first sending out only a small squadron to meet the invaders. They open fire, but all of their shots go wild as if unable to target the Federation ships. It's not until they reach close range that they are able to score any direct hits, but by then it is too late.]

Sources report that due to the sabotage of the entire fleet they literally could not see the Alliance forces coming at them. Although our sources refuse to inform us as to how an entire fleet was blinded, they did reveal that as a result, very few Alliance lives were lost in the battle, although several ships were lightly damaged, the Klingon, Cardassian and Dominion forces took heavy losses.

[The battle has raised to a heated pitch, with the famous USS Enterprise leading a direct attack on the Klingon Chancellor's massive battleship. Several Federation ships are crippled under weight of heavy close range fire, but the deadly dreadnaught cannot weather the barrage and it eventually suffers shield failure, eventually exploding. With the Chancellor's flagship destroyed, the Klingons sense the battle has turned and many of them begin to flee.]

[During the battle, a single B'rel Bird-of-Prey is glimpsed decloaking and fleeing into the wormhole. Soon after a K'tinga battlecruiser breaks off from the battle and engage pursuit. Several minutes later, the wormhole blossoms open again, and the B'rel speeds out, quickly cloaking once again and disappearing from the battlefield. But something is wrong. The wormhole remains open, it's color shifting from blue to orange, to yellow, to white. Suddenly, there's a blinding flash of white light, and the wormhole is gone.]

However the Battle does appear to have had a cost. Long range Sensors have detected no trace of the wormhole, which leads into the Gamma Quadrant. Many are now asking the question, is the wormhole gone for good? If so, how will this impact Bajor's economic future? With Deep Space 9 back in the hands of Starfleet, the Federation once again has a foothold in the Bajoran sector. All eyes are now on Bajor itself, and the task of liberating the Bajoran homeworld of the Klingon occupying forces.

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