Subject:Alliance Declares War

"Mr President!" "Ambassador!" "First Minister!" Just some of the calls coming from the crowd of journalists gathered outside the Federation embassy. Before them stand a group of diplomats and leaders: one Gorn, a Breen, an Andorian and President Azar himself. Quelling the storm of shouting and questions with a wave of his hands, as he often does, Azar opens his mouth to speak, his face solemn "Ladies and gentlebeings, I would like make a quick announcement to inform you of the outcome of our summit. The Federation, the Breen Confederacy, the Gorn Hegemony, the Interplanetary Coalition and the Free Government of Bajor have just signed the Treaty of Hellesport, creating a military alliance against the Klingon Empire. However, the Federation is maintaining its presence on Hellesport. Also, we will be removing our forces from Romulan space in accordance with the Senate's new border policy. Most importantly, all nations who signed the treaty will be declaring war on the Klingon Empire as soon as is possible depending on our respective constitutions. More information will be released once further arrangements have been made. Thank you for your time." As the delegates turn to re-enter the embassy, the journalists attempt to call the diplomats back to them. Regardless of the calls, they keep walking away.