From:The Q Continuum
To:*Galactic-Enquirer and *Action-Notices
Subject:The Dominion Returns to the Alpha Quadrant

*** The logo of the Galactic News Network flashes across the screen, interrupting your daily dose of space soaps. It crossfades to a man with unnaturally white teeth and fake hair sitting behind an achor desk. ***

"I'm Chip Chipley. Breaking news: We have just received a disturbing video from a anonymous source near Deep Space 9 in Klingon-occupied Bajoran space."

*** The screen cuts to video. The resolution is poor, suggesting extreme zoom from a huge distance. We see Deep Space 9 in the foreground, surrounded by Klingon ships, some docked, some patrolling the station's perimeter. Drifting below the station is a massive warship, somewhat resembling a Negh'var but many times more massive, easily bigger than the station itself. Suddenly, in the background, there is a flash of light as the wormhole opens. We see a small group of Klingon and Cardassian ships exit and head toward the station. Moments later, another vessel comes through, larger than the ones escorting it. Its configuration, to those with a penchant for military history, is obviously that of a Dominion battleship. Its hull is scored with evidence of countless weapon impacts; she's seen better days. The battleship drifts slowly toward the station, but the Klingon fleet makes no move to drive it away. ***

"As you can see, it looks like the Dominion has returned to the Alpha Quadrant. What this means to the Klingons, and to the galaxy at large is uncertain, but this much is: it can't be good. I'm Chip Chipley, and this is GNN. If you didn't see it here, it didn't happen."